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iSee2 is a brand of unique self-adhesive products that originated out of specific demands of the industry. Located in Belgium, the heart of Europe, we supply customized and innovative solutions to customers all over Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.




iSee2 develops products for 3 main industries: the vehicle-, industrial- & architectural industry.

Our vehicle product categories are each directed to specific applications:

Furthermore, iSee2 supplies high-end products for the industrial market:

To complete our product portfolio, we offer a range of products for the architectural industry:

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Sales channels

Over the years, iSee2 has built a vast network of loyal dealers in Europe. This loyalty is entirely mutual, meaning that we do not sell direct but rather guide the end-user to our most nearby dealer. Nonetheless, we do offer support to end-users, such as shipping samples, brochures, … and are happy to assist the end-user to find the right product for the intended application. If you are interested in buying iSee2 products, whether you are a dealer or end-user, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always open and available to talk about new potential partnerships.



By working closely with our suppliers and customers, we are continually improving the performance, characteristics, and design of our established products. This process allows us to regularly introduce new product lines in accordance with specific standards and offer tailor-made solutions for a variety of applications, providing our customers a competitive edge in their markets.

Our products can be purchased in all EMEA countries: Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Find out here if your country is included.

If you are located outside of EMEA however, do not hesitate to contact us with your question or inquiry. We might be able to help you out.



iSee2 has been founded in 2006 and was initially focused on automotive products, more specifically colour change wrapping films. By listening to our customers, we have gradually developed and added new products and extended our product range with specialized signage films. Our sales team is managed by our mother company, Fourbases, which represents iSee2 as a brand alongside other famous brands and manufacturers RTape, Nekoosa, and Stahls’.

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