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iSee2 Blackboard Marker is a white liquid chalk marker intended for use on chalkboards, windows or mirrors. Unlike traditional chalk, the liquid marker does not smudge or blur, and your hands do not get dusty or dirty. The liquid chalk will not leave any trace and is easy to wipe off with a wet (paper) towel, even when erasing after a longer period of time. The Blackboard Marker performs excellent on our chalkboard film: 51.200N | Total Blackboard.

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  • High opacity
  • Effortless wet wipe
  • Odourless


  • Use on chalkboards,
  • windows, or
  • mirrors

How to use?

  1. Shake the marker,
  2. Push the tip for a few seconds on a hard surface,
  3. Write on a chalkboard, window or mirror.

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