Olfa PRO Cutterblades 30°

iSee2 - Olfa Pro 30° Cutterblades are cutting knives with a 30-degree angled blade for graphic arts. The Olfa cutting knives are known to have the best blades on the market. The pack includes 10 pieces of Olfa cutter blades that can be used for cutting self-adhesive vinyl film, tape, wallpaper, arts & crafts,…

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  • 10 pieces per package
  • Best blade on the market
  • 30° angle
  • Lightweight

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Are you looking for a self-adhesive automotive or signage film for a very specific application? Apart from the standard product range, iSee2 also offers tailor-made solutions. Simply get in touch with our product development team and send us the required product properties and volume, so we can find you the perfect solution!

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