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Teleworking, should everyone do it?

Teleworking is part of the new normal, 17% of employees telework at least one day a week. The bigger the company, the more telework.
A good thing is that current teleworkers reduce commuting by 5%. In Belgium, we are above average, behind the Scandinavian countries such as Finland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. This confirms that telecommuting is part of the way we do our job.
Does everyone telework?
No... The main reasons: the fear of losing contact with colleagues and the difficulty of separating work and private life.
Here at iSee2, we telework but only limited. And you? But the key question is, should we alternate our workspaces to the current teleworking trend? We believe that an efficient and creative workspace can boost your productivity.

Want to customize a workspace?

For custom or company branded workspaces, you can laminate the transparent whiteboard films on printed vinyl, Dibond, Forex, cardboard,...
As for our chalkboard film ‘Total Blackboard’, customizing is easy as you can print directly with UV. Be creative and almost anything is possible! 

Productive workspace


Home, schools, offices, coworking spaces, bars & restaurants,... 

Which surfaces?

Suitable for a wide range of smooth surfaces such as painted walls, Dibond, forex, cardboard,...

Here you have some ideas :

  • Achieve your daily goals by visualizing your to do’s.
  • When you need a shopping list to remind you (or your partner) what you need.
  • The perfect spot to scribble down anything that pops up in your mind.
  • Be organized and make a planning or scheduler!
  • Create a space for you - or the home tutor - to teach math to the children.
  • Take it one step further and use our matt white, a writeable film in combination with a beamer.

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